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Projects to be Maintained

The below projects were installed and are maintained by our club.

Four clocks located in the school bell tower.

We  replaced the non-working original mechanical clock with electric clocks.


Main street community

 double-sided Verdin Clock.


Carillon which plays songs and rings church bells throughout the day.  Electronic Verdin player drive 4 big speakers, located in the school bell tower.


Sponsoring and managment of the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

Inspire Reading.jpg

2023 Rotary Grant Project of adding swinging dog doors to Bracken County Animal Shelter kennels.  16 doors added such that dogs can freely move between inside and outside pens.

Also, repair or replace 16 guillotine doors where only 3 were working.

                  Maysville Ledgefront page article Oct 4, 2023

Dog Doors1.jpg
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