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Verdin Carillon

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Installed in the school Clock Tower by the Rotary Club in 19xx.  The sound of Church Bells and songs are heard throughout the town, as they are scheduled to  play each day.


A placque dedicating the Carillon in memory of the great actress and singer Rosemary Clooney, who grew up in Maysville, Ky.


The carillon controller is located in a second floor classroom and drives 4 very large speakers, which are located at the top openings of the Bell Tower.

In 2012 the old PC based controller died and the Rotary Club had Verdin replace the original Verdin controller for $12,000.   So much easier to use!

Maintenance Comments

1. Verdin, 513-241-4010, keeps great detailed records and can really help with advice and parts.

2. Tay has championed all aspects of operation, especially song/bell selection and programming. He also takes care of times when the timing needs to be re-synchronized due to power outages or Daylight Savings Time changes.

3. Current Scheduling:

- Weekdays   5PM and 8 PM


- Sat/Sun       5 PM and 8 PM and also Noon


Amplifier connections.

Amp - Carillon.jpg

MPC connections.

MPC Module - Carillon.jpg
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