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Rotary Park & Caboose

Rotary Park is located on Riverside Drive and Main Street in Augusta.   The park with it's bench seats and center socializing area is a  perfect place to take a break and enjoy the beautiful Ohio River view.

During summer hours there is a Caboose tourism guide giving free tours of the historic B&B Caboose and will make you feel right at home.

World Famous Rotary Burger


Rotary members discussing park matters or maybe just enjoying a sunny day together.


In 1977 the Augusta Rotary Club decided this little corner of downtown on the river would be an ideal spot for a community park and obtained a 99 year lease for the space.

They brought in a classic B&B Caboose to be the cornerstone attraction.  For all these years the Rotary Club has been maintaining the grounds and Caboose along with making continual improvement.

Pictures of Caboose needed.

Info on Caboose needed!

In 2017 Dorothy Selby, who was a Caboose tour guide for many years, gifted our club with a very generous donation  designated for updating the grounds.  This major renovation was done by Parkview Outdoors, LLC.  They created the distinctive center social circle in addition to replacing the brick walkways and other modifications.

It's been transformed from a homey little park into a modern looking landmark that catches your eye as you drive or walk by.


Dorothy opening the park at the ribbon cutting ceremony.


A few years later, Dorothy returned and holds the gift that the Rotary Club sent to her, in appreciation of her generosity.

The picture emphasizes  the metal plaque in the park that was her often used saying,

Augusta is a PEACE of Heaven.

Bracken County News - Caboose Renovation 2014.jpg

Maintenance Comments

1.  Grounds Upkeep

     - Troy Archibald cuts the grass and spruces it up once a week.

     - Art Guild plants flowers every spring.

     - Rolland Tongret sprays weed killer on walk, if we supply it.

     - Last couple of years the Rotary Club has a mulching party

       where we pay for the mulch but weed and spread it ourselves           (saves $400).

     - Fall leave raking should be done, but missed in 2021.


2.  Caboose

   - Tom has master keys to padlock, but many passed out.

   -  Jackie has been doing a deep spring cleaning inside,

      before opening to the public,  the last few years.

    - Winterizing done before freezing. Turn off water, drain water

       to sink and toilets and add a little antifreeze to remaining water.

    - For Christmas we hang a full-length green garland end-to-end.

    - It has city water, sewer and electric.  No billing for it.

    - See Log below for maintenance repairs.


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