School Bell Tower Clocks

Installed by the Rotary Club in 2016.

We replaced the non-working original mechanical clock with 4 electric motors and it's controller.


Original mechanical clock with pendulum, that was wound by students for many years until it quit working in 2005.  A mechanical marvel for sure!  One output shaft ran up to the tower, which then drove the 4 clocks thru a huge bevel gear!

All this replaced with 4 small motors and a control box, located in the same room as the Carillion control.

Pictures of original mechanisms below. 

Side view of clock


End view of clock


Bevel gears in tower, caked in pigeon doo-doo.


Shaft direct to clock dials.


All that mechanics replaced with a small controller, some cabling and 4 motors!  The clock hands attach direct to the motor shaft.

Light Bulb_edited.jpg

Maintenance Comments

1. 99B-M1 controller, clock motors and clock hands purchased from Electric Time for $6923.  Tom and Tay saved $3000 by doing it themselves, as compared to the Verdin quote. .  Electric Time has their records listing us as the "School Bell Tower by Rotary Project", when calling.

2. Daylight Savings Time automatically adjusts and has an internal battery backed timer, that resets hands automatically after power outages.  Until a problem arises, no maintenance required.