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Meeting Minutes - Rotary

--------------------------------------------March 13, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------

Attending: Tom, Tay, Allison, Ed, John, Robin, Gary, Al, Wick, Janet

Minutes of the last meeting on February 13 were reviewed and approved.

There was a good article in the Ledger about Tom’s presentation to Maysville Rotary Club on Tuesday,March 7 about his motorcycle Ride for Rotary in southern India . 

Robin will be attending PETS in Chattanooga on March 23-26.

John reported on the financial results of the annual Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, March 4.  The eventnetted about $1,200. Motion to donate $300 to Junior Class for their help by John; motion approved. Discussion about using printed tickets to keep meal count.

Motion by Ed to print a Thank you note in BCN for community support. Motion approved.


Tom encouraged members to participate in the Art Guild’s Beautify Augusta event on March 25 at 10:00a.m. Meet at the Rotary Caboose Park with rakes and shovels. Allison will provide Rotary aprons. The Welcome Center at the Augusta Rotary Caboose Park will be open beginning April 1 and will be staffed by Mrs. Ruth Laycock. Janet requested members to clean the inside of the Caboose. We can do so on March 25.

Janet confirmed that Heritage Days vendors should file a letter of “Release and Indemnification” of liability with the City of Augusta.

John provided a financial report for 2022. Total expenses were $24,566 and income of $24,703, giving a net of $173. Bank balance is $42,388. Gaming account has $2,0122. Augusta Rotary Foundation has a bank balance of $20,945 with deposits of $19,939 and expenditures of $4,939. Tom is keeping a separate sub-ledger for Dolly Parton revenue and expenses.

Members sang Happy Birthday to Allison.

Next meeting is March 27.

Motion to adjourn by Tay, 2 nd by Allison.  Approved.

--------------------------------------------February 27, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------Attending: Tom, Tay, Allison, Ed, John, Robin, Gary

Minutes of the last meeting on February 13 were reviewed and approved.

James Hancock no longer on Berry payroll, so his membership as Berry’s representative was terminated.

A check for $25 to the Augusta Rotary Foundation was received from Berry.

Tom will make a presentation to Maysville Rotary Club on Tuesday, March 7 at 11:30 about his motorcycle Ride for Rotary in southern India.

Tom bragged that he sold his 2007 SUV with 247,000 miles.

The annual Pancake Breakfast is Saturday, March 4. Supplies were discussed and sign-up sheet circulated. Motion to charge $7 per adult and $5 per child by Tay, 2nd by Gary. Motion approved.

Augusta School Counselor Chad Bryant nominated Maggie Rickett and Tristen Price to attend RYLA in April 2023 in Lexington. Tay will provide chauffeur services.

Tay explained that Augusta Rotary Club will not be required to charge vendor tax for Heritage Days, but vendors may need to file a letter of “Release and Indemnification” of liability with the the City of Augusta.

Allison announced that she is planning to buy ducks in April to raise for the Duck Derby, which will be scheduled.

Next meeting is March 13.

Motion to adjourn by Gary, 2nd by Allison. Approved.

--------------------------------------------February 13, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------Attending: Tay, Wick, Ed, John, Jenn, Noah, Robin, Al, Jolene

Guests: Dina Burke, Xandy Stewart, Marilyn and Ron Lustik, Jeanne Clark

Presenter: Lee Ann Taylor

Minutes of the last meeting on January 23 were reviewed and approved.

Liz Dykes and Joel Linville membership terminated because of lack of participation and no dues paid.

Lee Ann Taylor reviewed her program in Bracken County on Tobacco Cessation. She is actively soliciting volunteers to take part in the program.

Tom has been selected to be an Assistant District Governor.

Tom provided a show-and-tell of his motorcycle Ride for Rotary in southern India.

The annual Pancake Breakfast is Saturday, March 4. Tay contacted the school, provided a Rotary Certificate of Insurance and the School Board approved Rotary using the cafeteria. Tom is coordinating with Tony Ruf for help from the Junior Class. Price to be determined. Tay will begin PR.

Tay issued a tax letter to John Borches for his $750 donation to the Rotary Club Foundation.

Tom has the parts to repair the south face of the town clock located at the corner of Main St and 2nd St. Members agreed to wait for better weather to fix it.

The Club will sponsor a RYLA attendee on April 22. Tom is coordinating with School Counselor Chad Bryant.

Discussion about an e-mail from Tourism Director Janet Hunt about charging sales tax was tabled.

Next meeting is February 27.

Motion to adjourn by John, 2nd by Wick. Approved.

--------------------------------------------January 23, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------Attending: Tay, Allison, Wick, Ed, Gary, John, Jenn

Minutes of the last meeting on January 9 were read. Motion to approve by Gary, 2nd by John. Approved.

Tom is participating in a motorcycle Ride for Rotary in southern India.

A letter of appreciation was received from the Pikeville Community Foundation for our $500 donation to flood relief efforts.

Members were reminded that the annual Pancake Breakfast is Saturday, March 4. Tay will contact the school to assure that the cafeteria is available.

Tay will issue a tax letter to John Borches for his $750 donation to the Rotary Club Foundation.

The south face of the town clock is not working. Members agreed to wait for Tom to return from India to fix it.

Tay submitted a press release to the Bracken County News highlighting our activities in 2022.

Allison received an e-mail from Tourism Director Janet Hunt about charging sales tax. Discussion about application of new sales tax rules and whether the rules apply to Rotary’s vendor fees during Heritage Days. Matter tabled until further information available.

Next meeting is February 6.

Motion to adjourn by John, 2nd by Gary. Approved.

--------------------------------------------November 21, 2022 ----------------------------------------------------

Attending: Tom, Ed, John, Noah, Wick, Robin, Allison

Noah will run the next meeting in lieu of Tom and Robin.

Lee Ann Taylor rescheduled her Tobacco Cessation presentation to Jan 23 meeting.

Old Business

White Xmas Parade. December 10

Allison has 6-8 committed floats. This is a normal # at this time. Some may be waiting on the weather forecast.

Community Center confirmed. Moore Parker is hosting the Clooney center for refreshments before the parade.

CSX contacted, but no response. Expect a response the week before the event.

School parking lot confirmed.

School band confirmed.

Confirmed St. Augustine mass moved to 4:00 p.m. and advised no parking on 4th St.

Requested City to provide grandstand and power.

Advised City Police about parade route, street barricades and safety issues.

Parade issues:

Need to advise AVFD about Santa at the firehouse.

Who is pulling the Rotary trailer? Maybe Jim Wilson at Tractor supply.

Need volunteers to decorate trailer and caboose. Noah and Wick will help the Thurs before the 10th and will do it in Wick's backyard.

Who will be Santa? Allsion is looking around and possibly Tennessee from Brooksville is a candidate.

Tom will buy coloring books, candy etc for Santa to hand out.

Tay needs to check storage locker for:

- trailer xmas lights

- Santa suit. Phil did Santa for the last 2 years and bought his own suit, since ours was lost.

- Parade Banner

Tay will need help for the parade lineup.

Someone should help Allison emcee the parade if Jackie not available. Allison did it by herself last year, so it's OK.

Allison needs to contact the VFW Color Guard.

We confirmed that Wick and John Hutching will be parade judges.

Robin will be House decorations judge. Noah has a friend that would love to help Robin judge.

John made a motion for below expenditures. 2nd by Robin. Motion passed.

-$100 band, 400 stereo, 250 Petting Zoo

-Parade 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners receive 100, 75, 50

-House Decoration 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners receive 100, 50, 25

Main Street Clock

- clock off by 1 hour. Tay corrected.

- touch up paint needed on lettering. John discussed with Marilyn Lustic of the Art Guild who will look at it with other members. Noah is a member and said he'll investigate it also.

Tay changed the Rotary carillon music to a mixture of winter, holiday and patriotic songs.

(3) International mini-projects (Jeanne Clark email forwarded to everyone on this, 11-8-22)

- How much surplus money have we raised this year? How much can we afford to give?

Tom roughly calculated our net result this year. -3,628

Event 2021 2022


Pancake Breakfast 657 1083

Art in Garden 1656 1495

Riverfest 1377 1300

Heritage Days grilling 2749 1025

Heritage Days Event 4319 1469 (264 sponsors, 1655 vendor spaces, 300 car show, -750 toilets)

Civil War Weekend 1383 0


Total net income 12,141 6,372 (5,769 less than 2021)

Expenses 6,101 10,000 (4,000 more than 2021)


Net for the entire year +6,040 - 3,628

Note: 4000 extra expense in 2022 was: 500 Tornado, 500 Flood, 1486 Banners, 396 website for 3 years, +800 meals, +350 Polio)

Considering we have a negative net income this year, we all decided not to pull money from previous years savings for this.

John made a motion to pass on funding these projects. Second by Ed. Motion passed.

New Business

Club goal, set in July, is to give the Rotary Polio fund $600. This will be tripled by the Gates Foundation match.

Robin made a motion to give $600. 2nd by Wick. Motion passed.

Next meeting is December 5.

Motion to adjourn by John, 2nd by Robin

--------------------------------------------November 7, 2022 -----------------------------------------------------

Attending: Tom, Tay, Al, Ed, Gary, John, Allison, Wick, Robin

Guests: Greg Cummings (former club member), John Hutchings (Maysville Rotary Club)

Minutes of the last meeting on Oct 17 were read by Tay. Motion to accept by Gary, 2 nd Allison. Approved

Happy birthday wishes were conveyed to Robin.

John Hutchins, Maysville Rotary Club and District Treasurer, spoke about the goodworks of the Rotary Foundation, especially a quick response to the Pikeville flood this year, and presented Paul Harris Fellow awards to Allison and Tay.

Tom announced 301 signups for DPIL. 20 signups were done at Trunk and Treat in Brooksville and a few others at Tom’s house during Trick or Treating.

Price of meeting dinner discussed. Motion by Robin to raise the per meal cost to $12, including tip. 2 nd by Tay. Motion approved.

Meeting schedule discussed. Motion by Allison to meet on the 2 nd and 4 th Mondays every month beginning in 2023. 2 nd by Gary. Motion approved.

A president-elect needs to be named for 2023-24. For the avoidance of doubt, motion by Tay to confirm Robin as president-elect. 2 nd by John. Motion approved

Motion by Allison for Tay as Secretary and John as Treasurer. 2 nd by Al. Motion approved.

Allison advised that 5 floats had signed up for the White Christmas Parade on Dec. 10. Motion by John to pay $400 to Steven Struck for WCP sound, 2 nd by Gary. Motion passed. Motion by Tay to pay $250 to R Farms for animal scene during WCP, 2 nd by Robin. Motion passed.

Ed noted that time on clock at Main & 2 nd needed to be EST. Tay will fix. Greg suggested that clock needed some touch-up paint. John will address painting needs with Augusta Art Guild.