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Capture history of notable and milestone events.

6-1-24  Email from Dolly Corp that showed Bracken County is 4th highest % enrollment of Ky's 120 counties.  We are at 72% and top is 80%

5-27-24  Call from Emily Simmons, FRYLA - Mason county that we will receive a $2000 check for DPIL every year!

Other surrounding counties will get similar.

4-25-24 Tom attended Building Blocks event at MTC.  Event to help 0-5 year olds.  0 kids in Bracken signed up.  All from Bracken I saw were already enrolled.

2-22-24 Tom attended Community Leadership event.  Invited by Samantha Wilson.  I did put DPIL on her blackboard, when she asked audience to write what programs are important in their eyes.

12-27-23 Ledger ran a front page article on Bracken County Dolly Imagination Enrollment Needed.

Rachel Adkins reporter contacted/interviewed me on this.

9-16-23 Tom attended the Germantown Court Days event which had 200 outside vendors and kids things to do. Gave 2 signup sheets out, 2 mothers said no and everyone else was signed up. Not very productive!

8-23-23 Tom attended the Taylor Elementary Open House and enrolled 10 and 2 in Falmouth. 343, 93 graduated.

8-20-23 Tom setup table at Back to School event at park. 4 enrolled.

332, 93 graduated.

8-12-23 Tom attended Rock The Block event in Brooksville. Set up a table for enrollment and also walked the area to find kids. 16 and 2 in Falmouth signed up. Well worth the 1PM - 5 effort. 324 enrolled, 93 graduated.

5-4-23  Tom attended Kids Fest at Maysville Community Collège.  Setup table and signed up 8 kids, 4 outside of Bracken County though.  Mason County had table adjacent and we're on fire with signups!

11-10-22  Tom attended Samantha's Bracken County Interagency meeting and spoke to the other 12 attendees regarding enrollment.  Flyers and Tearoffs handed out.  301

10-30-22 Halloween Trick or Treat night!!!  Tons of kids.  Robin suggested "just get a name and phone #".   Tom has 700 kids hitting his house in 2 hours!  Tom got 25 phone #s. 

- 5 too old or not avail in their county

- 3 signed up in diff counties. 

- xx signed up in Bracken county

10-22-22 Trunk or Treat.  Stephanie signed up 20 kids but missing Parent name, phone #, email so only enrolled 5 of these.  Updated form so harder to miss in future.

10-6-22 Applied for $2500 TCEnergy grant online.   $2500 is min you can request.

10-5-22 Setup enrollment station at Primary Plus.  Dolly standup, small table with 50 enrollment forms. 284 

9-20-22  Second meeting of the Bracken County Imagination Library Council.  Productive meeting!

9-17-22  Tom attended Germantown Community Center Political fund raiser/kids event and signed up 2 and 2 in Robertson county.  276

9-1-22 Tara Boling, Samantha Wilson and Tom Burke attended Taylor Elementary Preschool Open house and signed up 21 kids on sidewalk at entrance.  Wow!  265

8-20, 8-24  Tara Boling attended Rock the Block and Taylor Elementary Open House.  2 signups for the Block and 7 immediate and  1 later for Taylor event.  Great job Tara!  249

7-27-22 Committee created and first meeting.

7-18-22 Tom and Roger attended 2-day state wide Dolly Parton affiliate training in Louisville.

Received standup, big flyer and box of books for attending.  Worth $200.

6-3-22 $3546 received from AISD, Lisa McCane,  from the schools Dolly Parton Read-A-Thon!!!!!

5-26-22 Final solicitation letter donation received.  $3000 donated from 36 people with 140 letters mailed.

5-24-22 Email 24 recent enrollees and asked how they heard of the program.  2 from Jackie McMurrin and 2 from Bracken County Library. One of these said she just posted info on her Facebook page but didn't respond to tell me how to get there.

5-9-22 Created a Facebook Contest which allows anyone to name a parent of a potential preschooler.

5-6-22 Added Enrollment graph to STATS page

5-2-22 Sent enrollment packets to all 31 churches in Bracken County.  147 enrolled.

4-28-22  $2450 donations from 140 solicitation mailed letters.  Reconciled Foundation balance with John.

4-16-22 Bracken county News and Ledger articles submitted re., Library donation and goal met allowing expansion to all Bracken County!

4-12-22  Letter from RC Durr Foundation that we were granted our request of $4,280/year for 5 years!!!  Damn!   No more fundraising needed!!!!!!

4-4-7-22 Expanded coverage to all Bracken County, after receiving a check from Bracken County Public Library for $4000!  $9482 now raised which surpasses our $8000 goal!

4-1-22  Mailed 123 solicitation letters this week, which included a stamped return envelope.

3-31-22 Christian Shroll - Bracken Cty Library contacted me.  Very interested in helping us.

3-21-22  Treasurer reported Pancake Breakfast profits of $1083, which is dedicated towards the DPIL.

3-9-22 Applied for Berry Global grant.  $4000   Uploaded a .docx grant request document.  Not hopeful.

3-9-22 Applied for RC Durr grant.  $4280/yr for 5 years = $21,400.  Will let us know by 90 days.

3-5-22 Pancake Breakfast fund raiser.  Dina/Tom/Marilyn Lustik worked the crowd and raised 1173 with 500 of this being a check from Marilyn!.  Plus another (3) $100 checks given at door = $1473 total not counting profits.

3-3-22  Bracken County News reran our 2-17 article and put as a front page headline. 

3-2-22  Marilyn Lustik passed hat at her book club for $200!

2-17-22 Bracken County New article about Pancake Breakfast and proceeds to DPIL.

2-9-22  Created this log page

2-7-22  Committee created.  Dolly and Tom are first members.  Need at least 1 more.

1-28-22  Maysville Ledger article.

1-27-22  Website created which includes DPIL enroll/donate.

1-20-22  Bracken County Newspaper article.

1-19-22  City Council presentation.

1-17-22  Launched on Facebook and put flyers around town.

1-17-22  Lisa McCane pushed out on her social media.

1-14-22  Allison/Lisa McCane created video.

1-11-22  Bracken County Court House presentation.

11-16-21  DPIL affiliate website goes live.

11-16-21  Finally after 2 months, approved by USPS for nonprofit mailing.

11-1-21  $1500 check mailed for our "Credit Balance" account. Debited as books mailed.

10-7-21  First ZOOM meeting with DPIL contact, Christy Wright.

9-13-21  Rotary Grant approved.

7-26-21  Submitted as a Rotary Grant Project.

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